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Modular Electric Slides,also,known as electric module slides, here we’d introduce our TMS85 type to your specific applications. You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data.

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Modular Electric SlidesAs an active transmission component, precision Modular Electric Slides are generally called linear module or sliding table module
The function of precision electric sliding table is to support and guide moving parts. The positioning accuracy is often much higher than that of general equipment when moving back and forth in a given direction. Therefore, Modular Electric Slides here generally refer to the ball screw drive module. Under this structure, rolling steel balls are used to replace the central medium between the moving elements and fixed elements of the linear guide. This structure has many advantages, such as low friction Small maintenance workload and high production capacity.
Modular Electric Slides have high load and multi stroke. Under the condition of high-precision positioning movement, it can meet the requirements of high load and long stroke. It uses high-quality aluminum profiles as the base, with imported high-quality ball screws and linear guides, which has large bearing capacity and good stability.
It is widely used in the field of automation. Single axis arm single axis manipulator with servo motor or stepping motor can achieve accurate positioning in different applications.